Thursday, 5 March 2015

I was recently nominated to do the 5 day art challenge on Twitter by the lovely Jane Porter.  I often avoid any kind of nomination type thing but this seemed like a fun idea and having moved house it was quite a useful challenge to find half the images I wanted to use.  I haven't been making a lot of work lately and it was a good reminder of all that I love.  
Having rediscovered my lost pencil case I have started drawing again and I am attempting to do a visual diary which I am SO enjoying.  Wow, what a revelation.  It is such a good way to make work without getting bogged down with ideas as all you have to draw on is your day.  I am trying hard to be more observant because I very quickly realised how little I actually notice - was he wearing glasses?  Was her hair tied up or down? It is a beautifully satisfying project. 

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