Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I was reading the blog of an illustrator who was praising the re-discovery of observational drawing and the effect it had had on her work.  The strange thing is that before I entered the world of illustration I did nothing but observational drawing but now for some reason I hardly ever draw from observation so the time had come and it has been so good to sit and observe.  All those questions I have been trying to solve in my illustrations are beginning to find some answers.  I do have two partners in crime aged 6 and 8 and while doing the drawing above I had to contend with their arguing over what makes great art.  The 8 year old claims hers was better because she was really looking and drew what was there but the 6 year old felt that the addition of a little girl on a slide and a big splash of water in the pond made for a much better picture. An artistic dilemma I am constantly dealing with!!